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KeIIion has started a donation pool!
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Hello if you like my Request Idea or want to Support my Fiction and Friends Fiction

Would it be really awesome when you spend points to pay Artwork for it.

My Fiction is :iconakira-bounty-hunter:

:iconshanethewolf:´s Fiction is :icon2020ad:

Crowdfunding for
:icon2020ad: here…

Crowdfunding for

Crowdfunding for Turok Artwork - Comic

Youtube :……

All my Request Ideas are here…

:iconpointsplease96: :iconpointsplease96: :iconpointsplease96: :iconpointsplease96: :iconpointsplease96:

Hola si le gusta mi Idea de Solicitud o quiere Apoyar mi Ficción y Amigos Ficción

Lo iba ser realmente imponente cuando gasta(pasa) puntos para pagar Ilustraciones por ello.

Mi Ficción es :iconakira-bounty-hunter:

La Ficción del: de:iconshanethewolf es: icon2020ad:

Crowdfunding para
:icon2020ad: aquí

Crowdfunding para

Crowdfunding para ilustraciones Turok - cómico


Todas mis Ideas de Solicitud están aquí un ingles…

:iconpointsplease96: :iconpointsplease96: :iconpointsplease96: :iconpointsplease96: :iconpointsplease96:

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DeviantArt Points to Pay Artist and Request

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 26, 2015, 5:07 AM

Hello i search for DeviantART Points to Pay "Werewolf" Artist  , for my fiction :iconakira-bounty-hunter:

It would be wonderful to pay more Artworks like .

(Or get Requests)

Akira The Bounty Hunter - First Kill by KeIIion

Akira The Bounty Hunter Kickass Cyborg Werewolves by KeIIion

If you like fight / Kickass pictures with anthros - with werewolves
You can Donate me , that i make more of that Pictures .

My fiction is this btw
Akira The Bounty Hunter 00-EN
In the far future human race accomplished, that the world was in a relative peaceful state.
During a lunar eclipse, when the moon was lit red and people of Earth were celebrating and praising their own existence, they got under the worldwide attack.
But the attackers weren’t humans, they were aliens.
The aliens were some kind of mix of human and wolf . They were stronger and bigger than humans, they also had better senses, they heard, smelled and saw better than humans.
Many of them had scarred bodies and had, instead of their real body parts, cyborg parts.
They landed to the planets which they spied before, then they enslaved the population and killed according to their mood.
The human soldiers were hardly able to stop these beasts, even battles apparently obtained were lost.
Killed Lupains rose up again and continued fighting.
The beasts injected themselves with yellow colored liquid. The liquid could heal all of their wounds.
Removing a head was the only way to kill a Lupain,

Akira The Bounty Hunter 01-EN
Two years already passed without hearing anything about the resistance. Akira lived in a small apartment and he barely knew
He paid the rent with a cash for his host and he seemed to be interested about it no more.
Akira earned his money by stealing, just like the most of his food. He knew it was wrong but he had no choice.
As a Lupain, nobody would want him. They would prefer to kill him.
Thoughts raced through his mind.
He hoped that he would find someone from the resistance. How important it would be to him?
Whether he should avenge for his father? What’s the purpose of his life?
To distract himself from the whole situation, he trained and trained every single day.
He prepared for the day, when he will face Lupains who murdered his father. Suddenly he heard screaming, it was a young woman. She screamed for help. Something was wrong.
Akira looked out the window, he saw one of these Lupains dragging the woman to the side street.Nobody had enough courage to help her. Akir

Any Help , idea are welcome .

My Patreon (for real money) is here…

The Artist of this Picture 

Akira The Bounty Hunter - First Kill by KeIIion
want to make a Comic about Akira and this Space Werewolves 

2020 A.D. Kickstarter - Points and Request

2020AD Cover by Jugg4

My friend :iconshanethewolf: write a fiction , called 2020 A.D. 

this fiction is about Anthro wolves called Lupains.


The Lupians had lost their home world so they had to search for a new place to settle down in. After a long journey through space they finally found a suitable planet.. the Earth. Desperate, without anything left to eat or drink, they made contact with the Humans and after long negotiations, they were allowed to stay on the planet. This happened in 2018. Now the Lupains lived almost 2 years on the earth, that even in universitys a competition was created, to teach Lupains who hold interest for this project, the human linguistic proficiency and the human culture. But with further going time it got more and more difficult for the humans to nourish the Lupains. In Fact making it even more complicating the Lupains refused to share their technology. The US Army decided to oust the Lupains, but this plan failed. Altough the Lupains were peaceful, there were able to defeat the Soldiers of the US Army and won this war. The US Taskforce dindnt accept their breakdown, so they planned a payback. All Lupains who went to the universitys were kidnapped. Following on this they erased their natural memory and created new faked memorys within implemented the knowledge of fighting for those who were capable of that. All the others were abused for experimental issues.

Humans VS Lupains War Scene by Jugg4
Alot of Lupains and alot more of US Soldier and Cililians Die .

The US Army lost the war , the Lupain army was stronger and ther technology was so much better .

US Army lost the war and want revenge . So they captured all Lupains , who had interest in Human languages and culutre.

They delete ther Lupain Memory and teach them to fight.

After the Brainwash and alot Drugs / medics , they feel nothing when they kill.

.: C: Hunter Akira :. by Amand4

2020 A.D Battle Scene by KeIIion

They mission is to kill and captured Lupains , to get new Weapons and equipment

2020 A.D Part I
2020 A.D Part II
2020 A.D Part III

2020 A.D Part III + Adult Part ( with Sex describtion)

2020 A.D Part IV
2020 A.D. Part V

and German here

2020 A.D Teil I

2020 A.D Teil II
2020 A.D Teil III
2020 A.D Teil III (Achtung Unzensiert) (mit Sex beschreibung)
2020 A.D Teil IV
2020 A.D Teil V

2020 A.D. First Fight [1/3] by KeIIion

2020 A.D.  War by KeIIion

Later in the fiction appear Reptilians 

Lizardman Laboratory by Jugg4


(Kickstarter dont work for me because , im from Germany and this country is not listed )

It would be so fantastic when someone can help me with Money or Artwork for my fiction.……

2020 A.D crowdfunding by KeIIion

Youtube :

Thx so much 

2020 A.D Cover Lupain air raid by KeIIion


Journal Skin by: Zaellrin


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